Worship with us during our Summer Preaching Series each Wednesday at 7:00 pm. Enjoy worship, food, fun, games, and "screen on the green" at the 2018 Teen Lock-in July 20 - 21. Emmanuel's Kids Early Learning Center is enrolling ages 6 weeks through Kindergarten. 678-413-3602 

Current Ministries - KISS Ministry

KISS Ministry (Keeping it Spiritual and Special)

A ministry designed to enhance what God established in the garden of Eden; marriage between the man and the woman, making them one flesh.  This is a ministry of fellowship, fun, and of learning.  We firmly believe that the most important relationship in the family is triangular; that of the husband with God and the wife with God, and the relationship between the couple.  If that is healthy then the children will automatically benefit, making a happy healthy home, and a happier, healthier community.