Our annual Easter program will be held Sunday, April 21 at 9:30 am.  Join us for combined worship service at 11 am. There will be no 8 am service on Sunday, April 21.  Community Easter Egg Hunt at Bud Kelley Park, McDonough, GA ~ Saturday, April 20 from 12 noon to 2 pm. Emmanuel's Kids Early Learning Center is enrolling ages 6 weeks through Kindergarten. 678-413-3602 

Current Ministries

To the right you will find a list of available ministries that Emmanuel Community Church offers.  Feel free to contact the church if you would like more information on a specific ministry opportunity. 

Wednesday Bible Study 12:00pm & 7:00pm
Sunday School (or Church School) 9:30am

Ages 1-Adult.  We have a wonderful youth ministry here for ages 1-12, and a great Teen Ministry for ages 13-19.  The adults find the lessons are exciting, clear, stimulating, and expositorily taught. The children learn about the Bible and have fun! And the teens are given structured, relevant learning about the word of God and how it applies directly to them, and times of fellowship and fun!  Emphasis is placed on learning about the Word of God at ECC!

 Ushers Ministry

Those who stand in the door of the Lord’s house serve in an honorable position of service to God.  These are they who ensure that the worshipers are warmly welcomed, comfortably seated, and that proper order is kept so that nothing distracts from the worship experience.  

Youth Ushers: A ministry that prepares our youth, ages 10-18, for service in God’s Kingdom.  The youth ushers will learn humbleness of spirit, kindness, dedication, and discipline as they welcome and kindly seat and serve worshipers and assist in maintaining a worship-focused environment.

Greeters Ministry

An extension of the Ushers Ministry, this ministry is pertinent to the welcoming of guests.  

This friendly ministry takes the extra step in getting acquainted with our guests by obtaining information about them, and allows our guests to become better acquainted with us by our disseminating information about who we are.  

Men of Valor Ministry

A ministry where “iron sharpens iron.”  Men coming together to serve God, not as the world envisions, but as God intended.  This will be a ministry where it is known that real men pray, work, and lead to be better husbands, fathers, and leaders of their families and the community for a better home and a better society.  All male members are encouraged to participate.  

Women’s Ministry 

Women coming together to express and to learn the plan God has already ordained for them in service to Him.  It will be a ministry of fellowship where God is glorified, and the women of Christ are edified as they grow spiritually.  Women will examine the image set for them by society in comparison to the image established for them by God in His Word.  All female members are encouraged to participate.  

Fishes and Loaves – A Food Bank Ministry

A ministry that serves those within and without the walls of Emmanuel.  We have partnered with the Atlanta Food Bank, and we are a distribution site for the entire Rockdale County area.  Our goal is to serve people in need with kindness, dignity, and love

Mission Builders’ Ministry

A must ministry!  This ministry will involve blessing others with the work of our hands through the building of churches and other facilities that edify the Kingdom of God.  Those serving on this ministry will take a weeklong “mission” trip each year to volunteer their time and energy to serve God by helping those who cannot otherwise help themselves.

Church Planters Ministry

Designed to plant and sponsor newly planted churches with finances and people in order for the Word of God to penetrate a community.  

Missionary Ministry

To reach out into the community and the world with the gospel message of Jesus Christ.  This ministry sponsors those who have been called into the mission field. 

Visitation Ministry

This ministry offers encouragement, assistance and kindness to those who have become ill or physically incapacitated.  Ministry members visit those who have been hospitalized, bereaved, and attends to those who are being funeralized.

Parking Ministry

This ministry is the church’s first “greeters” and is therefore for those members who have kind and caring hearts.  This ministry is responsible for ensuring order as people enter and exit the church property.  This ministry is also to ensure the safety and security of the members by monitoring the parking lot as well as maintaining the security of the member’s unoccupied vehicles.  They are to assist the disabled as necessary, and others as requested. This ministry is also responsible for maintaining a parking environment free of debris.  

Media Ministry 

This ministry consists of those who work in the sound room.  This ministry is responsible for the entire sound ministry of the church as it pertains to any church event that requires use of mics, lighting, and music.  This ministry is also responsible for making CD recordings of all preached sermons at the church.

Music Ministry

A ministry that enhances the worship experience.  We lift up our Lord and Savior through melodic movement.  This ministry plays an important role in the worship experience in that it leads our hearts as we make our way to the throne of Grace through the preached Word.  Those who serve here must be participants in the corporate (as well as private) Bible study of the Word of God each week.  How can we sing the praises of a God we don’t know? 

Therefore, all “praise singers” are expected to be actively attending Sunday school, and Bible study on Wednesdays.

Dance Ministry 

The Word of God says that we should “rejoice” in Him.  Rejoice means to spin around!  This ministry rejoices in God and celebrates His glory through dance.

Education Ministry

Our Education Ministry is for all ages.  We have classes for adults and children ages 1 – 19. Each age group is taught the same biblical text on an age appropriate level.  This ministry also engages our children and youth in dramatic presentations at various holiday celebrations

Hospitality Ministry

This ministry seeks to represent and serve God by assisting and accompanying guests of the Emmanuel Family with a warm and friendly spirit.   They are also responsible for all church decorations as well as for special event decorations and setups.  

Food Services Ministry

This ministry seeks to represent and serve God by assisting the Emmanuel Family with a warm and friendly spirit and hot and delicious food.  This ministry manages all food service requirements for the church. 

Tender Care Nursing Home

The ministry participants go to visit a community nursing home each month.  The seniors look forward to their coming with great anticipation.  We show these aging members of our society that they are important to us and to God, and that they are not forgotten.  Our intent is to demonstrate the abounding love of Jesus Christ. 

P. L. C. – (Precious Little Children’s Ministry)

Emmanuel sponsors a group home for children and makes financial contributions and we give our own personal time and attention to these parentless children.  The entire church has the opportunity to bless these children of the community group home as well as those children under the care of DFCS during the Christmas Season by purchasing Christmas gifts for them.

B.A.M. – Becoming A Man 

A ministry for the young man coming of age to assist him with what it means to be a man according to God’s plan.  The young men will learn the benefits of self-discipline, pride, and respect.  This ministry is intended for young men aged 12-19. 

L.O.V.  Ministry – (Ladies of Virtue)

This ministry will include young ladies ages 12 – 18.  The ministry is designed to educate young ladies in proper etiquette, to teach sexual purity, and to educate young ladies on right relationships with one another and with males.  The ministry will also encourage young ladies to reach out to those in need through community involvement.  

KISS Ministry (Keeping it Spiritual and Special)

A ministry designed to enhance what God established in the garden of Eden; marriage between the man and the woman, making them one flesh.  This is a ministry of fellowship, fun, and of learning.  We firmly believe that the most important relationship in the family is triangular; that of the husband with God and the wife with God, and the relationship between the couple.  If that is healthy then the children will automatically benefit, making a happy healthy home, and a happier, healthier community.